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Fabric & Leather Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Dirt , dust and , grime  gather over time and this can cause unsightly soiling and stains which  leads to the fabric deteriorating faster and thereby the need to replace these expensive items sooner than necessary. So have them professionally cleaned and protect your investment from early wear and tear. We only use the latest upholstery cleaning equipment and chemicals. We clean your upholstery thoroughly to give you the best possible result.

Leather Cleaning

We hand clean and condition your valuable leather, using only high quality leather cleaners and conditioner. By having your leather cleaned you will see improvements in the appearance, feel, and overall condition.

Leather absorbs oils, perspiration and acids from humans, which build up and become embedded in the leather. Regular cleaning of your leather furnishings with will ensure you add years to the life of your investment.

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites live on dead skin that falls off when you sleep, its not the dust mite itself that can be harmful , but the faecal matter from the dust mite which is lighter than air and becomes airborne as you toss and turn in the night, causing you to breath them in.

You sleep 1/3 of your life which means you are breathing in the faecal matter more heavily eight hours out of the day.

One of the key facts to remember is that a clean mattress is a healthy mattress.